Duplicated & Replicated Blu-Rays

Blu-Ray discs offer HD (1080p) video content along with greater storage capacity than CDs or DVDs. Single layer Blu-Ray discs hold up to 25GB, while dual layer discs can hold up to 50GB of video or data. The improved disc technology of Blu-ray added several new features including a hard coat surface to eliminate scratches, new Dolby surround sound options, new updates to DRM (Digital Rights Management), all while keeping the physical shape and size of the disc the same size as CDs and DVDs.  We make it easy to to get your project started with our fast and simply online ordering, free PDF Proofs, free setup, free barcodes, honest communication and quick processing. Get started today!

"I have used WTS on several projects over the past 3.5 years. They're always very prompt, accurate, and reliable." - Tony R.

Bulk DVDs with Full-Color Disc Face
Al low as $139 for 100 Full-Color Duplicated Blu-Ray Discs!
Two-panel DVD Sleeve
Full-Color Blu-Ray discs in Full-Color Custom Printed Sleeves
Four-panel DVD Sleeve
Full-Color discs in Full-Color Custom Printed Sleeves
Four-panel Digipaks
Full-Color Discs in Full-Color Custom Printed Digipaks
Retail Ready DVDs
Full-Color discs with Full-Color Wraps in a Blu-Ray Box

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