Duplicated & Replicated CDs

In this world of digital downloads and cloud storage, there are times that physical content is not only preferred, but necessary. Musicians need CDs not only for their fans, but also to get noticed when sending their tracks to decision makers. Companies use CDs every day for backups, price lists, and for instruction & training manuals. Ministries all over the globe use CDs to spread the word and reach people who otherwise may not get reached. We make it easy to to get your project started with our fast and simple online ordering, free PDF Proofs, free setup, free barcodes, honest communication and quick processing. Get started today!

“Got the CDs, and I'm thrilled! Your product is as good as you promised, and your service is wonderful! You helped an uncertain customer through the process every step of the way. I really appreciate it!” - Wayne K.

CD 4 Panel DikiPak
4 Panel CD Sleeves
2 Panel CDs in Jewel Case
Bulk Discs
CD EcoPaks
Bulk CDs with Full Color Disc Face
Price: $89.00
Two-panel CD Sleeve
Price: $139.00
Four-panel CD Sleeve
Price: $206.00
Six-panel CD Sleeve
Price: $226.00
Slim Clear Soft Poly
Price: $115.00
Slim Clear Jewel
Price: $115.00
Paper Sleeve with Window
Price: $105.00
CD in s106 USPS Media Mailer
Price: $1,920.00
CD in s106 USPS Media Mailer
Price: $239.00
CDs in s107 Media Mailers
Price: $2,875.00

We are a family oriented business. We do not manufacture products containing adult oriented content, foul language, hate, Anti-American, or anti-religious content.