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CD & DVD Mail Fulfillment.

CD & DVD Mail Fulfillment

Our USPS Approved mailer will save you up to 60% in postage costs. This sleeve is perfect for mailing a single disc to qualify for USPS automation rates.
Add Complete Fulfillment to your order:  Only $75 setup, plus .10/name, plus actual postage.
S106 USPS Approved Mailer
QTY. CD w/Sleeve DVD w/Sleeve
100 2.39 2.49
200 1.79 1.89
300 1.50 1.60
500 1.19 1.29
1,000 .97 1.07
2,500 .89 .98
5,000 .78 .90
10,000 .72 .83
Full color, 4-panel with slit for single disc. Can add slit for business card or booklet or business reply card. Seal with wafer seal.
S106 USPS Approved Mailer
1502 USPS Approved Mailer
Add Complete Fulfillment to your order:  Only $75 setup, plus .10/name, plus actual postage.
1502 USPS Approved Mailer
QTY. CD w/Sleeve DVD w/Sleeve
500 Call for Price Call for Price
1,000 1.92 2.02
2,500 1.31 1.41
5,000 .88 .98
10,000 .65 .75
Full color, 2-panel for single disc. Includes a peel and seal closure with zip strip opening. Specifically engineered to hold the disc in place during shipment. 12-day standard turn time.
Add Complete Fulfillment to your order:  Only $75 setup, plus .10/name, plus actual postage.
S107 USPS Approved Mailer
QTY. CD w/Sleeve DVD w/Sleeve
2,500 1.15 1.25
5,000 .99 1.09
10,000 .90 1.00
Full color, 4-panel with slit for single disc. Includes pocket that will hold a 8½" x 5" paper or booklet (8½" x 11" paper folded in half). Seal with wafer seals. 10-day standard turn time.
S107 USPS Approved Mailer

DETAILS: For pricing on quantities larger than shown, please call for an immediate personal quote. All orders subject to a 10% over run or under run. Charges will only apply to actual quantities shipped. Prices shown do not include shipping and handling. WTS respects the copyrights of composers, musicians, lyricists, et al, and cannot duplicate any copyrighted material without written permission from the legal holder of the copyright. Turn time begins after graphic approval. Turn times shown are estimates and can change based on artwork submitted, current in-house work levels, or equipment malfunction. For more information, please call 1-888-987-6334 for details.

Why you should use WTSmedia for CD/DVD Mail Fulfillment:

Direct Mail Services

Our team of direct mail specialists are mailing list experts - they will check for duplicates, merge and purge multiple lists, update the addresses with NCOA (National Change of Address Certification) and get your list ready for the USPS. We will then apply the addresses to your piece, fill out all the necessary paperwork to get you the lowest possible postage rates, and even drop it off at the local post office. To get started, simply call one of our friendly customer service agents at 1-800-251-7228. $75 Setup includes: NCOA, Merge/Purge, De-dupe, Inkjet make ready, pre-sort, and all USPS paperwork.

Expert Advice:

When it comes to Direct Mail Fulfillment, little mistakes can quickly turn into major blunders that might cost you a fortune. Just as Murphy’s Law states,"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", trying to identify and correct every potential problem before dropping your mail piece at the US Postal Service just might turn into a nightmare.

As long as you are aware of all the pitfalls and learn to avoid them, your mail piece will go smooth sailing and arrive at your destination on time, and on budget. After years of learning what to do (and most of all, what NOT to do) we know exactly what it takes to successfully navigate through the rules and regulations of the USPS. We can help you get your mail pieces into the mail system faster and for less money. From CASS certification and NCOA management to which type of barcode software to use, and where to place that barcode.

Save Money:

.463 each down to .169 each in postage (a savings of over $1200) - that is how much WTS Media was able to help a large ministry reduce their postage expense on their monthly CD of the Month mailing. Finding the right mail piece can save you over 60% in your postage rates. Not only will you save money in postage, but you will also eliminate shipping costs from our factory back to you. Your mail will enter the postal service quicker and save you both time and money. Our fulfillment prices are the cheapest in the industry. It may surprise you that we can actually manufacture and fulfill your project for less money than using volunteers. With our full line of automated printing and packaging equipment, your piece is manufactured quicker and more consistently than a well-intentioned small army of volunteers.

Unlimited Possibilities:

Do you need to add a Reply Envelope or postcard in your mail piece? No problem. Do you want a full-color mail piece with an 8-page full-color insert? Done. No matter what you are looking for, we have the capabilities to meet your needs. Our team of experts will give you advice to help you get noticed while at the same time finding the most cost efficient packaging.


When the product is finally completed and in the hands of the customer, the quality of the piece is the most important factor. Low prices and fast delivery is quickly forgotten if that item falls apart or doesn’t function properly. We are dedicated to quality in every step of the manufacturing process and guarantee you will be satisfied with everything we produce or your money back. We would be happy to provide samples of other satisfied customers or even to make a production sample to show you exactly what your piece will look like, before it is produced. Give us a call with any questions or to get started on a project for you. 1-888-987-6334.

* - 17¢ is non-profit rate, normal postage rates as low as .27¢

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